A role-play site set after the events of Treasure Island
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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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 Derek Fletcher

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Derek Fletcher

Derek Fletcher

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PostSubject: Derek Fletcher   Derek Fletcher EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:17 pm

Name: Yules

Character name: Derek Fletcher
Character face: Dimitri Malikov
Age: 24
Status: single
Position in society: second-class
Job: Lieutenant in the Royal British Navy, aboard 'HMS Calypso'

Bio: Derek is the eldest of three and is the only boy out of the children. From a young age, Derek has been quite protective over his two younger sisters, 18 and 14. His parents raised him to be a proper gentleman and taught him to respect the people that were around him.
His father was originally a highly sought-after ships surgeon; however he now works at the local hospital and is considered one of the top doctors there. He would retell to his children the wonderful adventures that he used to have at sea, sparking Derek's want to go to sea even more. He is very close to his siblings. The girls taught him ‘girly’ skills such as how to play piano among others, while he taught them sword-fighting and such.

Though the family was not overly wealthy, they were far from poor and could afford to ensure a good education for their beloved trio. Derek entered the Naval Academy after his regular schooling, and after leaving worked up the ranks aboard ‘HSM Calypso’. He loves his friends and crew dearly and is devotedly loyal to them.

Derek can seem quite shy at times, but in fact he has a rather charming and friendly personality. He is proud of his position in the Navy and adores his career. When back on land he enjoys attending balls, both for the music and dancing, and for the company. Occasionally he helps teach at the Naval Academy when he can.
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Catherine Ellwood
Catherine Ellwood

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PostSubject: Re: Derek Fletcher   Derek Fletcher EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:22 pm

Welcome Mr Fletcher Smile
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William Dixton
William Dixton

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PostSubject: Re: Derek Fletcher   Derek Fletcher EmptyWed Mar 28, 2012 12:41 am

oh... another Navy guy I'd rather stay away from...

but hello there


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I be makin' 'em good lassies go bad. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Derek Fletcher Willsig03
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Derek Fletcher
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