A role-play site set after the events of Treasure Island
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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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Janvyre Arairies
Janvyre Arairies Mermaid_by_Zyklon8B
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Believe it or not, Janvyre's bones actually glow in the dark. The darker the location, the more her body naturally thins the skin and scales to assist in lightening the room. If she desires a frightening appearance, she can 'light up' her bones; the effect is similar to that of a 'banshee' to which she often enjoys doing.

Nickname/s: Jan, 'Vyre
Age/DOB: Several hundred
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Prefers men; doesn't tend to get along with women well.


Occupation: Siren, Devilfish, Mermaid
Current Residence: The ocean preferably, but she can survive in fresh water (although sometimes it may make her feel really quite ill)

Square in your ship's path are Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by...

- The Odyssey

Janvyre has a stereotypical shark behavior.
While cruising the seas, she's sociable, flirty and adventurous; her curiosity gets her into most trouble. She enjoys company, preferably that of men, and loves being admired. Perhaps that is why she doesn't get along extremely well with other female humans; she finds them as competition, one she will most likely lose against due to the difference in their species. She will talk to them, but if another male creature is present it may lead to jealousy.

When the smell/taste of blood is in the water, Janvyre looses a bit of herself. The flavour of human flesh is so unique that she cannot help but attack. Usually if she has fed recently, she will become aggressive but will not devour instantly.

There is much debate on the origins of Sirens.
The Gods, if there are such a thing, created mermaids to be playful creature to their children, specifically their daughters. It was when man tried exploring the seas and claiming them for their own that the mermaids were warped into a devilish creature. In some cases, it was believed that while mermaids are well natured beings, a siren is created when said creature experiences a trauma like no other; one any mortal soul could not endure. These mermaids die, and are reborn as sirens. Another theory is that they all originate as mermaids, but once tasting the flesh of man become sirens...

Janvyre wasn't born a Siren, she was crated as a Siren. She was one of the first few original sirens that have seen the most turn of the tides. She is a protector of the sea, a guardian of its secrets. The first memory she ever is of the black depths of the sea; nothing around her but the soft comfort of what she assumed a mother would be. It was a race to the surface as she emerged from the black waters to taste air for the first time.

She spent her 'childhood' or early years, singing and braiding hair under coastal waterfalls and rocky shorelines. She studied any sea creature that moved, from coral to sharks. Her understanding of the sea grew until she knew it like her own scales; being able to recite knowledge like an encyclopaedia.

It was when man arrived that she began to practice her alluring voice and deadly methods. At first she was nervous of these fleshy creatures, but it quickly turned for the worse. A straggler had crashed his vessel on a rocky shore, and after hearing her voice had crawled along the sand to her. Startled, afraid, and curious she swam closer attracted to his blood in the water.
She ate him, every last scrap of flesh down to the marrow of his bones. His blood and flesh provided energy like no other creature she had consumed; it gave her power and energy.

With this new discovery, her desire to consume human flesh drove her closer to ports and ships. She was unafraid of them now, for they are weak and inferior to her skills. On top of things, she can easily change her scale colour to blend in with the sea easier and her swimming capabilities made escape easy. She is still curious, the large ships confuse her greatly, yet amaze her at the same time. While she prefers to strike conversation, the taste of blood in the water usual means death.

...lashed to the mast, so you may hear those harpies' thrilling voices

-The Odyssey

Alias: Kimarie, although you can call me by my char's name.
Means of Contact/s: PM
Other Characters: Captain Selene Lykaios
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