A role-play site set after the events of Treasure Island
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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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 Site Revival and New Plot!

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Catherine Ellwood
Catherine Ellwood

Posts : 548
Location : Aboard 'The Bloody Mary'

PostSubject: Site Revival and New Plot!   Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:20 pm

Hiya lovelies! No long rambling post from me this time. All I wanna say is that we're reviving the site and we need all hands on deck! Basically I need all of you to figure out who you're keeping and let me know. Also please log in with all accounts that you want to keep.

We're ditching the supernatural theme and just going back to pirating. We're now setting the site mid-1770s, just after the events of the book (and subsequent movies) of Treasure Island. For those that haven't read the book or seen any of the films, basically keep pirating and aristocrating like you already are Razz

So let's get this place active! Please post below with characters you'd like saved and kept, and any that you are happy to either delete or (preferably) are happy to put up for adoption. All characters that aren't claimed are being put up for adoption; since most characters have been here from the site opening, they're a big part of canon and we cannot delete them.

[b]First Last[/b] is to be [b][i][color=green]kept[/color][/i][/b] and is played by [b]alias.[/b]

[b]First Last[/b] is to be [b][i][color=orange]put up for adoption.[/color][/i][/b]

[b]First Last[/b] is to be [b][i][color=red]deleted.[/color][/i][/b]

William Dixton
Catherine Ellwood
Amelia Hawkins
Felicity Cervantes
Lucy Chamberlain
Derek Fletcher
Eli Jewell

Up For Adoption/Pending
Capt. Hector Barbossa
Capt. Jack Dixton

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William Dixton
William Dixton

Posts : 706
Location : The Bloody Mary at Sea

PostSubject: Re: Site Revival and New Plot!   Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:25 pm

Carolina of Locksley is to be kept and is played by Blue Canary.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I be makin' 'em good lassies go bad. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Site Revival and New Plot!
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