A role-play site set after the events of Treasure Island
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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain

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PostSubject: Rear Admiral John Chamberlain   Rear Admiral John Chamberlain EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 11:55 pm

Liam Neeson | Navy | Rear Admiral  

nick names - N/A

age - June 7, 62

sexuality - Heterosexual

marital status - Married

current residence - England

defining features -
British Naval Uniform
Naval Officer Sword
Two Double Barrell Pistols

skills and talents -
Chamberlain is a rather talented Naval officer and excels in all skills related to the command of a warship and at the same time he is a pretty decent combatant though his age is beginning to catch up with him in that regard. Chamberlain is skilled in the usage of a sword and a gun but due to his age fighting directly was something he could not do quite often.



There are three things that Rear Admiral Jonathan Albert Chamberlain holds above all else, His country, His crew, and his family in that order. As much as the admiral would want to say he placed his family was placed above his crew, he knows that he would be lying, while he places great value in his family, he is distant to them ever since he had a falling out with his daughter.

While distant to his family ever since he fell out with his daughter, the admiral can be seen as a father figure to most of his crew. He cares about their wellbeing since he would spend quite some time with them on the ships, thus he is more connected to them than his own family. The long periods at sea have made it hard for Chamberlain to connect and relate to his family. He does love his family but at the same time he paradoxically feels connected yet detached from them at the same time.

Chamberlain is a strong believer in behaving dignified and traditional socially while at the same time is a strong advocate for any advancement in warfare he can find. Chamberlain believes that society has evolved to its pinnacle and any more change would just be a regression but at the same time believes that warfare is ever changing and refusing to adapt is a guaranteed way to get yourself killed.


Jonathan Albert Chamberlain, Duke of Devonshire and Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy was born to Alfred and Elizabeth Chamberlain. As a member of the nobility, Chamberlain had the best education that money could buy and once he was of age, his father bought him a commission in the Royal Navy. Unlike most officers who bought their commission, Chamberlain turned out to be quite competent at his job.

Chamberlain first saw real naval action during the War of Jenkins Ear, before that the only naval action he saw was part of counter piracy missions. The War of Jenkins Ear was the first time Chamberlain actually fought against another proper navy and not the ragtag bands of misfits called pirates. Chamberlain served with distinction during this war and soon after the war ended he was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Chamberlain is married to one Sarah Chamberlain and the two of them have three children, James, Jane and Lucy in that order. Chamberlain also sort of adopted one Stephanie Montgomery whose father used to be Chamberlain's first mate before getting killed in the line of duty. While Chamberlain never made Stephanie officially part of his family, he does consider her to have been family, a niece of sort but over time Chamberlain lost contact with Stephanie.

Due to his work, Chamberlain frequently spent time away from his family and at sea, this has made him distant from them but at the same time when with them is willing to give them almost anything they want as a way to make up for the time he spent at sea. While Chamberlain can be rather doting of a parent his views on the world caused him to fallout with his youngest child, Lucy.

Due to falling out with his youngest daughter, she ran away and to his knowledge and distaste joined a pirate crew. This disturbs Chamberlain for quite a few reasons, piracy was illegal and the punishment by the state was usually death by hanging and that was not something he was willing to accept. If she did not get captured and executed she could always be killed while acting as a pirate and that was also something he was unwilling to accept. The third and final reason why Chamberlain was disturb by his daughter becoming a pirate was that it had brought great shame and disgrace upon the family though that was something which could be solved and Chamberlain did not mind it too much.

Chamberlain has since then put a sizable bounty for anyone whom could retrieve his wayward daughter alive and unharmed. He made it very clear that if his daughter was harmed, any payment from him would be rendered null and he would use all his power and influence as an admiral and member of the peerage to have the person hanged by the neck until they are dead.

As of present time there is a war raging in the world, and Chamberlain is in charge of a squadron of ships and given the task of blockading French and Spanish ports. The reason is to harm Franco-Spanish economics and prevent them frm bringing reinforcements to their forces in North America, allow British forces to occupy that continent.

John | PM | Soon to be too many

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Catherine Ellwood
Catherine Ellwood

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PostSubject: Re: Rear Admiral John Chamberlain   Rear Admiral John Chamberlain EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 12:08 pm

Rear Admiral John Chamberlain Tumblr_miyp1od6uB1s541lmo1_500
Accepted! Thanks for taking the time to update your bio! Have fun wrecking naval havoc on this place! Very Happy
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Rear Admiral John Chamberlain
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