A role-play site set after the events of Treasure Island
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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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Eli Nathanial Jewell
Jeremy Renner | Pirates | Pirate Aboard the Aurora  

nick names - "Trickshot," given to him due to his skill with weaponry, and his accuracy with them.

age - Thirty-six

sexuality - Straight

marital status - Single

current residence - Aboard the Aurora, out at sea

defining features - Eli will hardly ever venture out without his musket and will often also carry a pistol.

skills and talents - Eli is first and foremost a master with weaponry, although his main claim to fame is his notable skill and accuracy managing his musket and various other firearms. He's also skilled in unarmed combat and fair in his usage of a sword.  



Eli is the playfully bad sort, and you can tell it within the first few minutes of meeting him. He'll quite often act like a smartass and bullheaded just for the simple sake of it amusing him. He likes to occasionally be the joker in a serious situation.

He's basically your typical playful "bad boy." He isn't afraid to throw around a bit of a harmless flirt. He'll easily and willingly take the role of the stubborn one, giving friends a hard time and teasing them relentlessly.

Underneath that outward veil of an attitude, there is a truthful friend. He is loyal and protective of those that he cares for and is close to. If you threaten them or mess with them, then you can almost be certain that you're going to eventually hear at least a sharp word from Eli on the matter. Don't expect him to lay a betrayal of his trust to rest easily, either. If you betray him or attempt to mess with him, he will not forgive you easily, and it's a long walk back to having his trust and confidence again.


Eli Jewell lost his parents at an age so young that he admits he remembers little to nothing of his parents. He spent his childhood growing up in an orphanage, although he supposedly carries his parents' last name.

It would be a good many years before Eli was told the truth of what happened to his parents, and in the meantime, he spent his years growing up learning how to take care of himself without the assistance of others. He was a stubborn thing, even as a youngster, independent, and free-spirited. He lived life as sort of lone wolf and didn't have too many friends at all growing up in the orphanage, and those that he did seemed to come and go like the ships he'd see down in the harbor, sailing off for the horizon when their time at the docks came to be over.

At sixteen years of age, Eli was told by those that had taken care of him at the orphanage, as no one had ever chosen to take him in and he remained there as he grew up, the fate of his parents and why he'd grown up there instead of in a home with parents. His father had apparently been a pirate - a drunk who had a big mouth and talked a big show, with a young wife who was rumored to previously be a lady of the night before her marriage to Eli's father, and he had ended up upsetting the wrong person and both of his parents had ended up dead for it.

For some reason, Eli was never surprised by the news. Regardless, it didn't sway an almost unconscious desire that had been implanted when the boy was young - as almost any man that's truly into what Eli is into now would say, the sea seemed like the perfect home away from 'home' to him.

Not to be bothered by the law and it's disgusting bothers, piracy was only natural to Eli, not to mention that he could write his name on such a profession easily enough. He was fair with the sword, but even better with firearms, which is how he made his early money - showing off and developing his skills where he could, and that is also where he originally picked up the nickname 'Trickshot,' which is a token to his accuracy and fine prowess with firearms. Others would also say that it was to be expected that Eli went searching for adventure in the nature of signing onto a pirate crew - because it was in his blood. Such a reasoning will quite often pull a smile and a wink from the man now. He is a member of the crew aboard the Aurora.

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Eli Jewell
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