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Welcome to Pieces of Eight! We are a nautical/piratical rp set after the events of the book Treasure Island. However we do welcome those that haven't read the books as we're not "canon-only" and welcome pirates, aristocrats, and navymen of all shapes and kinds!

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Amelia Hawkins
Amelia Hawkins

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PostSubject: Amelia Hawkins   Amelia Hawkins EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 1:02 pm

amelia selene hawkins
hilary duff | navy | privateer  

nick names - Amy

age - 25

sexuality - bisexual

marital status - single

current residence - aboard the ship 'Alcyone', on the high seas

defining features - both ears pierced, but apart from that, n/a

skills and talents - extremely skilled with swords and guns, athletic and quick on her feet, can climb the rigging faster than anyone in the crew, skilled in all things captainly like battle navigation, setting courses, figuring out where they are based on the position of the stars.  



Amelia is strong-willed, stubborn, and doesn't give up easily. She works hard, plays harder, and is a force to be reckoned with when angry. She hates everything that is expected of her from society and enjoys rebelling against the norms. Her four true loves are the sea, her ship, her family, and her crew (who are like a second family to her). She is fiercely loyal and will do anything for her family and her crew, who to her are like a second family. She's a social butterfly and enjoys mingling, though she still needs time away from others from time to time, just to get some her-time. She loves exploring and has an insatiable wanderlust, taking her crew all around the globe just because she can. Though she usually finds other methods of getting what she wants, she isn't above using her feminine charms if needed.


Amelia was never like the other girls. While normal girls were born in hospitals or at home at respectable times, she was born in the wee hours of the morning aboard a ship to Arthur and Meg Hawkins. The fact that she was never going to be like the other girls and would never really fit in the regular world could be attributed to the fact that her parents met and had her in the most unorthodox of ways. After finishing his studies at the naval academy, Arthur rose to the position of Lieutenant-Commander aboard HMS Andromeda. Meanwhile her mother, an aristocratic lady who wanted to escape all that was expected of her from society, ran away away to sea, masquerading as a male. The pair met aboard Andromeda and became close friends. Eventually Meg confessed her secret to Arthur, and their friendship turned into an illicit romance.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and still the relationship continued. With every passing day the couple became more worried that somehow they'd slip up and be caught. Finally they decided they needed to escape and so they hatched a plan. During a storm off the coast of England, the two 'disappeared' and were presumed dead. However this was not the case. Needing to lay low for some time until the navy stopped searching for their bodies, the couple went to live with Arthur's parents at the Admiral Benbow Inn. His parents weren't pleased in the way that the pair had met, nor Arthur's decision to leave the navy (especially the way he did) but they grudgingly accepted the choices the young couple had made and let them stay. The couple had been together one year.

A year later, the pair bought a ship of their own, naming her Alcyone (Alcyone being the Goddess of the Sea, the Moon, Calm, and Tranquility), partly because in honour of the ship they met on, and partly due to Meg's love of Greek mythology. Several months later the two got married aboard the ship, and nine months later, Amelia came mewling into the world. Her childhood was a happy one, spent learning how to climb rigging and how to plot courses and read charts. When Amelia was seven, she became a big sister to newly-arrived baby Jim. Two years passed, and when Amelia was 9 and Jim was 2, Alcyone almost capsized and sunk during a particularly nasty storm. Fearing that she might lose her children, Meg begged Arthur to let her go back to the Admiral Benbow. She didn't pressure him to join her, telling him countless times that he shouldn't feel guilty about sailing without her if that was what he wanted, as long as he returned to her sometimes. But though Arthur loved the sea, he loved Meg more. Alcyone was docked not far from the inn, and so their sailing days ended and a new life of running an inn began.

Amelia couldn't adapt to the new life on shore, and would often run away to climb and play aboard the docked ship. Her parents decided to send her off to a boarding school, one St Trinian's School For Young Ladies, not only because both Arthur and Meg believed in the value of a good education, but because they were worried that she'd run away to see just like Meg had done all those years back. She expected to hate every minute of school, but she loved it. It wasn't as she'd expected; St Trinian's prepared the girls for the real world, instead of teaching them how to paint and cook. The girls learned a variety of things - from swordfighting to shooting, from reading charts to plotting a course using the stars for guidance, and absolutely everything in between.

Out of a sense of familial duty, Amelia would spend her summers at the inn, helping out, but she hated it. She wanted more than anything to go back to her childhood days when they were sailing as a big happy family. She hated shore life, absolutely despised it. She dreamed of the day that she would finish school and go sailing all on her own.

While at school, Amelia became good friends with Stephanie Montgomery. Upon learning that Stephanie was close to Rear Admiral John Chamberlain in a fatherly sort of way, Amelia begged Stephanie to get her a letter of marque for her from him. She knew that there was no way she would be accepted into the navy, and pirating would bring too much shame upon the family, so this was the next best thing. Somehow the girl managed and before school ended, Amelia was the proud owner of a letter of marque. She recruited some girls that she'd been at school with, made sure that Alcyone was in top shape, and left to go exploring around the world.

She returned for some time when she got news that her father was extremely sick. She helped around the inn, trying to convince her family to kick the pirate Billy Bones who was the source of all this trouble out of the inn. But her pleas fell upon deaf ears and soon the girl stopped trying. The day after her father's funeral, she got an urgent call-out to Bristol, and had to leave immediately. Later she learned from a letter from her mother that her little brother had gone off on some treasure-finding quest. She managed to track the ship down and although the captain refused to let them come, the Alcyone crew followed the Hispaniola anyway. However during a storm, the two ships got separated and without the correct charts, Amelia had to turn around and go back. She feared her brother dead, and was ecstatic to find out that he'd made it back from the trip in one piece. On her next trip home, she's considering asking him to join the crew.  


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Amelia Hawkins
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